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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  October 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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line drive into right. back into the wall, the game is. high drive into right, back into the wall. and it's gone. 3-one. 1. theories -- here's a smash into center. one win away. championship since 1948. >> three down and one more to go. the tribe just one wayne -- win away from bringing the city of cleveland another championship. >> we have a team of reporters bringing the stories. from the championship to downtown bars being packed wall to wall. >> live outside progressive
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i saw people bundle ne bundled up but they have indian fever. >> reporter: talk about a huge night for cleveland. we've been out here all day. the energy in this city is insane right now. everyone is on their toes right now. the tribe has everyone on their toes. the fans have heart and soul and never ended faith. we're talked -- talking abou fan base that filled up progressive stadium for the watch party and then they are outside. they are out here crazy, and rowdy. they are cleveland sports fans. these are people with you -- we talked to. >> everyone is so great. everyone is nice. cleveland is the place to be right now. >> let's twin now.
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i think they can still to did tonight. >> if they don't? >> we'll do it tuesday. it would be nice do it news cleveland if they don't do it tonight. >> the cheers never get -- get old. we're talking thousands of people downtown. it's great for our businesses. so right now from east fourth. joe, there are shows shows -- thousands of people out here. >> you wouldn't know it right now because you can see the east fourth and process infect infect -- prospect. nobody is on the street. everybody is packed into two two-dozen venues. they are glued to tv screens round -- wondering in -- if the indians will pull off the victim rushlight police out here in force be ready to
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fans are hoping the tribe completes the victory tonight. many fans driving a long way to get to downtown tonight hope ing hopingto witness history >> i drove in from washington d.c. i wanted to see them win. >> that's how confident you are they will get it done tonight? >> i'm hope joyful i'm from the youngstown heir heir -- area. i've -- i'm a die-hard. -- fan. and a woerld series. >> reporter: we wait for the outcome of the critical game five. the buzz is continue to be generated here. we're in the news five title tracker. what's going on now? ge we are tracking titles because that is how we role role -- roll. we have one with hundred -- one of these.
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under our belts. grabbing this title right here in downtown. you can see the streets lined with cars. lots of police with their lights on. they are ready to go. cleveland ems at the ready. we saw them parked off to the side. people hopping place to place. the clevelander bash and grail kin - -- bar and grill continue to pack the bar. see fans sporting the indian coats and hats. as we drove by the field, you can see the packed stadium from the streets. so as this game continues on, we're going to have so many people rooting for their tribe. not only are we track a title but all the fans here in northeast ohio tracking yet another title for our cleveland indians.
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continue to track titles one at a time. . >> all right. okay. thank you. doing a great job in title tracker. tell us what's happening with the weather. there's time for him to find the title. game not over yet. live look at wrigley field in chicago. lot of ground clutter here. we're frienl -- finally dry. a lot of humidity in the air. that's why pattern. dry and cloudy. chilling down. 48 can't only. 60 -- and youngstown has 46. let's get you through to the morning commute. notice we are staying mainly cloudy. by 7:00 a.m. temperatures are nourt four -- 44 in cleveland. i think the weather tells a
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it done tonight. we got some windy summer coming up. one spurn dead after a fire tears through a madison township home. fire crews arrived on the scene with smoke coming out of the home. five people were in the structure. four made is out safely of the unfortunate lurks the female was unable to get out of bed. she styed -- died. right now cleveland police venting a pair of back to back shootings. the first injured two people. shots rang out early this morning in the 5200-block of st. clair. the only thing fact fact -- investigators will tell us is that a 26-year-old male was shot in both legs. and a 30-year-old had gunshot wounds to his foot and ankle.
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city's west side a 50-year-old ban -- man was shot in the back. officers were cowl -- called out to lorain after 1:30 many many -- this morning. no arrests in either shooting. people shoats up to cast their vote today in cuyahoga county. who had voted at this point than four years ago voted this time. a group was in a car and stloe -- throwing stolen trump signs into a pet supply dumpster. the driver was charged with trespassing and littering. in willowick. something is stinking up
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a truckload of manure was dumped outside the headquarters. the same thing happened in 2012. this time there's a surveillance camera that should catch the criminals. enand the sheriff office help -- said they would help clean up the mess. fair to say they couldn't imagine the sudden turn in the race. hillary clinton is fighting back over the sudden e-mail probe she called out of bounds. . reporter: the fbi has obtained a warrant to review e- mails foubd -- found on the laptop of hillary clinton's top
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the e-mails were first discovered weeks ago, but they didn't inform fbi director comey until last thursday. then he revealed the new new -- reanied inquiry. hillary clinton now fighting donald trump. >> he's such a downer right? >> and james comey. >> it's pretty striefrng put something like that out with such little information right before an election. . reporter: department officials had individuals against alerting congress citing department tradition of not doing anything that would be seen as influencing an election in the final days. >> now it's reported that the department of the -- of just sis fighting the fbi. that's because the department of justice is trying so hard to protect hillary clinton. .
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in the cross-fire. >> i think this was a terrible error of judgment by the director. >> reporter: in a scathing letter, the director is accused of being partisan and accused of breaking the law. mean child -- meanwhile, the latest track poll shows hillary clinton's lead down to one point. sources also tell abc news the fbi doesn't know what's on the e-mails or whether they will turn out to be important. the for identification though whether the e-mails contain classified information and whether they are phi -- tied to clinton's e-mail server. tonight pressure is mounting for comey to make a fumble explanation. in cleveland people gathered at the native american colt colt -- culture gardens to play -- pray for protectors of
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protestors say the pipeline project will dat area. organizers in cleveland say they are here to increase awareness of what's going on in dakota. >> this is a beautiful state. it's nothing compared to what's going on in knock -- north dakota oat. the tribes were out on -- put on the vast waste land north dakota didn't want. >> people were arrested at the construction site in north dakota oat. coming up, the -- the latest as a plane explodes on a runway. what keith -- investigators found. a snapchat catches the final moments of a couple's
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no. we have another big warm upcoming your way. i'll show that you warm up and tell you when it's going arrive. the latest on the iphone glitch that you don't waste your money. but first tonight's winning lottery numbers. you're watching news five at 11:00.
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new developments tonight on the investigation into the fire on the runway at ohare airport. a require -- rare and serious type of engine failure caused the plane to go up in blame blame -- flames. >> the sage two disc of the high pressure turbine failed. >> we see a quick fuel-fed fire. >> tonight investigators are turbine broke in the first place. debility -- 20 people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. they have all been release snowed a deadly car crash with speeds alleged to be over one 100 miles per hour. the final moments were captured on a dangerous feature, some say, on snapchat. reporter: tonight this
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couple's lives raising questions. >> what is the sfeed filter. >> reporter: -- it allows people to track and clock how fast they are going. it shows they were speeding at one 115 miles per hour in tampa. the car crossed over a immediate yin and slammed head- on into a minivan. >> all i saw was a blue fsh >> reporter: the driver and her passenger were killed. and three people in the van were killed. it's tragic, just tragic. >> reporter: concerns about snapchat speed filter were raised earlier in the year after this crash in georgia. they say there's no evidence the driver was using. >> she was trying to hit 100 miles per hour and fifty on snapchat.
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said we discourage people from using it while driving. there's a message in the app itself. >> the case hasn't been heard by the grand jury. that's still pending. the ones injured this this week's crashed with -- are still hospitalized. bogus calls were knocking emergency cams those hacked phones keep calming even when you hang up. that attack is fueled by a malicious hack take over people's cell phones which which -- when they click on this link that is being spread on twitter. the only way to stop it is to power it off. a 15-year-old has been taken into custody charged with
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you should hear about the are yous. -- issues people with -- are talking about. why are so many people reporting glitches ranging from increased data use to dropped calls. some blame apple, the carrier or the users. >> there's no bend gate with the phone but many uss love. >> i like it but the home poppedon doesn't go do you know -- down like to used to. >> sometimes they make a hissing noise. >> there are problems with a few phones including phones stuck in air blown -- airplane mode and earbuds disabling. >> twill has no major flaws,
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as claimed. consumer reports say says the lightning earbud jack doesn't have better sound. >> some people complain of dropped cog calls. he says he would be in the middle of a phone call when suddenly the call would op op -- drop. >> about 30 second or 45 second it would come back up. the old iphone6 didn't have the road. >> reporter: there have been similar complaints. apple's work on a software fix for this and other issues. if you have iphone issues start by rebooting and check your settings. if that doesn't work check were -- with your carer. i was talking about my flip phone remembering the good old
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now we're talking to mark. . >> hey. how are you? compute syrup and running. >> we had rain move through in -- this morning. it was soggy at the browns game. maybe it seeped into the ball game in the second half. where you are, cloudy skies but you information that the the -- notice that the rain showers dropped in earlier today. the well. we're in the 40s but cleveland is at 50. pittsburgh 47. detroit 40s in most spots. temperatures going down. we'll bottom out in the lower and middle 40s for the big cities tonight. upper 30s for most you -- of you. this cool air is not going to last very long. right here we have a warm front. tomorrow we'll see highs in the
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trick-or-treaters either. that will bring back what i can a -- like to call tribe summer. for tuesday and wednesday watch this warm front. we get the surge again tuesday of warm air. back in the mid 70s for tuesday and wednesday. it's a good sign. 43 tonight mainly cloudy and chilly. go with a northeast wind at less than between -- ten miles per hour. tomorrow 56 degrees. it will be mild and dry. winds out of the southeast at five to pen -- ten miles per hour. highs to the mid and high 50s. canton cloudy and chilly. 37 to 39 outside the big cities. little chilly for kids getting on the bus tomorrow morning morning -- morning. tomorrow 55 for akron and canton high.
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now beggar's night forecast for hallo's eve. she did a little dance for us and we drew the mummy. 49 at 4:00. most of you start trick-or- treating at 5:00 or 6:00. you're in the upper 40s. cool but not cold. i would suggest winds will stay low. five to ten miles and you notice you're partly cloudy. no rain. make sure the kids are all dressed up in princess or or prince costumes if you will. friday 75 to 77. wednesday we're dry. tuesday's ball game in the 60s. if there is.
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>> if there is. thursdayic -- rain showers likely. 50s for saturday and sunday. 50 for the browns game. did i misspeak? >> you're like the glass is half empty. >> now it's half full. >> you wouldn't be talking about game 6 or 7. what is the deal? i mean, come on. why don't you give us that too. >> baseball games when we come back. browns too. stay tuned.
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well, the browns are still
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it felt like it would happen for a moment today. the jets were in town. you thought the browns were going to have a chance to win the thing. first drive the game, they march down the field. mccown to pac -- hawkins put the browns up 20-7. the jets come back to score 24 unanswered points. browns lose. they are 0-8. second worst >> two different hats. -- half. one half we played the way we always talked about playing and the way we prepared this week. that's how we play the -- played the first half. the second we didn't. i said we but i didn't. it starts with me. >> they play the cowboys next week. there's a baseball game going on tonight kind of weird in chicago.
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the kent state state farmer pitcher best selling author pitched for the padres and the blue jays, he will join us and break it down. hopefully mark is wrong and they can end it tonight. 3 to 2 in the eighth. tons of stuff coming up on sports sunday.
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here we go. monday 57 degrees, not bad for halloween. during the evening, we'll see tell -- temperatures upper 40s and lower 50s. 77 tuesday and 76 wednesday. what do you call that? >> a windian summer. >> the chill is going to hold off until probably closer to
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enjoy the warm days while we got them. >> sounds like a plan. andy baskin, you're looking very serious. >> i'm always serious. if they have to play game six, it's good weather. >> big day today for the browns. 86 reno -- reunion. the crowd was amazing. kosar was the out. it was all great memories for 1986 except for the end. >> have a good night.
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hi everybody. welcome to the ford sports sunday. big, big weekend in cleveland spofrmentsz we start off with the -- indians them. we'll break this thing down. post game for you. . >> we're going to talk a little browns football. just the thoughts in general you have. they let a big lead slip away. what did you think of the game? >> i think they show what had they are capable of doing but they showed of what they are


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